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Time of response

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    פורסם: 25 בדצמבר 2012 ב 15:28
asafiniu  הצג תפריט
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Guest Group

הצטרף: 29 בנובמבר 2010
מצב: לא מחובר
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I applied for several schools this round and was wondering why is it that some candidates are notified early and some later.
Does this have anything to do with chances of acceptance or fit?

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Guest Group
Guest Group

הצטרף: 07 ביולי 2004
מצב: לא מחובר
נקודות: 940

To: asafiniu

In short, no. Don't look for hidden messages in the timing of the final applicaiton decision. By the end of the application process, the application committee is anything but organized, and they just have a long list of names to call/email with the final answer, which is split up randomly between several people, who each do their job in their own pace...

For instance, I had probably been the last person to receive an email advising me that I will interview with INSEAD (Friday afternoon on the week of announcements), but was one of the first people to get a call that I was admitted (on Monday morning)... Call vs. email, Friday vs. Monday - there are no rules!

All the best!


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